Diamond Wire Saw
Verti 1500
(Automatic Shape Cut Wire Saw)

(JPN PATENT : 2587795 258827 2588847 3159360)
(U.S PATENT : 5690092 5732690)

This machine cuts stones into curved shape.
Recognition of curved shape by paper template. (Optical tracing system)
Two axis regulation (X axis straight movement & A axis circle movement).
Low sound cutting.

Use: Cutting stone into curved shape, etc.

System Work

Good Time Rate of Cut

As this machine 'Verti-1500' cuts with 'Circle Movement (A Axis)'
the diamond wire almost always faces stone in the good direction.
It results in good time rate for cutting.
(Good direction = diamond wire is pressed by stone to the direction of wheel.)

To page of optical tracing system

Cut Stone & Paper Template
Bolts are installed to prevent the cut stone outline from falling dowm.

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