Automatic Shape Cut Device for Diamond Wire Saw

(JPN Patent: 2587795, 2588847, 3159360)
(JPN Utility Model: 3074311)
(U.S. Patent: 5690092, 5732690)

Optical Tracing System is Option to stationary type diamond wire saw (EDW type, SDW type) and gantry type diamond wire saw for auto shape cut.

Also, two models 'Vertical curve diamond wire saw' and 'Verti-1500' have this device as their auto shape cut device.

Shape Recongnition with Paper Template

System Work

This picture shows the paper template table. The sensor is lighting the edge of paper template. This picture shows one of the smaller wire saws with Optical Tracing System.
Optical Tracing System comes with
  • Optical Tracing Table (Where paper template is placed)
  • Control Panel For It
  • Ball Screw Device For Cart Movement
Showing a paper template and cut stone.

(Specifications Example)

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