Ogyu Diamond Wire Saw has been distributed in 16 countries over the world. Total more than 900 Ogyu machines ( 120 overseas ) have been installed so far.
We gain a high reputation from home and overseas
Diamond Wire
Diamond wire is one of our main product.
Our diamond beads ( segment ) bonded with tungsten curvide (WC) has exremely hardness and durability, which is the most advantage in quality. We manufacture variety of wires for stone type and cutting purpose. We believe our diamond wire is the best in the world especially for hard stone such as a granite.
Diamond Wire Saw
We started to manufacture the diamond wire saw in 1987, which was a pioneer in the world.
We have various diamond wire saw .
We can make the best machine for customer's any kind of purpose.
We introduse a lot of diamond wire saw with picture in product introduction page. Please open and enjoy it.

  Horizontal Type    Gantry Type       Quarry Saw      Reconditioned
     Verti 1500         Vertical Curb Wire Saw         Fabrication
Fully automatic optical tracing system ( resistered Japan & US Patent) . This is a curb cutting device, which doesn't need any computer programing . You need only a paper template. Operation is very easy. The movement of optical sensor which trace a paper template and the machine are synchronized to cut a curved shape as per a paper template.  You can easily fabricate any kind of shape stone.
Other Product
Vertical Coring Machine       Horizontal Coring         Polisher         Circular Brade Saw
弊社は1963年創業以来、石材用機械とその機械に使用するダイヤモンド工具を合わせて販売する石材機械総合メーカーです。特にダイヤモンドワイヤーにおいては、弊社の製造するWC (タングステン カーバイド) の特性を生かし、高性能、高精度、低コストの石材切断を実現しています。
1985年には株式会社 大給 (OGYU MANUFACTURING INC.) を海外向けブランドとして設立しました。
現在までダイヤモンドワイヤーソーの販売台数は900台を越え、海外への納入台数も16ヶ国、123台 (2007年11月現在)となり、国内のみならず、特に欧米欧米を中心に販売実績を伸ばし続けています。
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